The top 4 things which could be ruining your photos

Blog 17/03/2021

With so much of everyday life now spent online, photos are something we come across everyday. Whether your business is Ecommerce or more physical, the photos you use will be the first impressions you send out to the world. The first glances customers take on your business need to be attractive and attention grabbing. If your photos are less than that, well you’ve lost your audience right away. Customers base their purchases on the photos you provide, if they don’t look appealing then those sales are lost.


Many people don’t realise that light is an import part of photography. It completely affects the mood, tone and the atmosphere. You need the right lighting to be able to capture the exact narrative you want to portray in your image.

Product arrangement

Product arrangement is important to ensure that your audience will be focussed on the targeted product. If you have a ton of props in your pictures that are just randomly dotted around or overcrowded, how can you be sure that your products are going to stand out and catch the eye of the customer. 

The background

Likewise with your background, depending on your product/business the background can have a massive effect on the composition of the photo. Backgrounds that are overcrowded can be too distracting and can look cluttered. Whereas backgrounds that are intentional can improve the overall look and feel of the photo or products.

Image quality

The quality of your products need to be replicated into your photos in order to drive the sales. Bad quality (e.g. can be blurriness or the photo looking pixelated, the distance in which the photo is taken from the product) will affect these points. 

Not only do these things contribute to bad photos but they can also affect the audience’s judgement of your products and your business overall. The saying ‘it left a bad taste in my mouth’ is exactly what you would say about a bad experience, so why would you invest in bad photography and give your audience that exact feeling.