3 important promotional videos you need.

Blog Uncategorised 05/07/2021

We believe promotional videos are a necessity for every business and are a great way to market your brand. They give you an opportunity to engage, entice and drive sales. Here are our main 3 videos we believe you need.

1. Showcase videos. These are short 1 minute overview videos which market your brand. They showcase the best bits and still give a great understanding of what you do. They’re attention grabbing from the get go. As soon as you catch the audience’s attention they’ll be enticed to take a closer look at your brand. Showcase videos can be the first video people come across on your website so it’s important to give a good first impression.

2. About us. Here is the time to explain your business in more detail. These videos usually last between 3-5 minutes. Examples of ‘About us’ videos can include; interview style content, voice overs on top of previous work, helpful content and explanation videos. Talk about who you are, what you do/sell. Allow people to connect with you and understand your brand.

3. Testimonials. These types of videos are a great way to convey how your business can help others. It allows previous clients to talk about the great successes they’ve had with your services or products. Testimonial videos can help build trust towards your brand, they give customers a good feeling and see how they could benefit too. Our advice is keep each video brief, yet informative. Add behind the scenes footage and continue the testimonial with a voice over. It’s a good way to show how you helped each customer personally.

We believe it’s critical to have each video as they all benefit brands and sales. Without one or all how can you be sure you’re gaining the most ROI.