5 Tips on confidence in front of the camera.

Blog 22/03/2021

If being in front of a camera isn’t the usual daily task it can sometimes be quite intimidating. We get the nerves too sometimes. It’s a normal response for anyone to have, but with the right skills you can boost your confidence and look completely natural in the eyes of the camera. Here are our 5 top tips for gaining camera confidence.


1.Talk To Yourself.

It could be; in the car, on the way to work, in the shower or in front of the mirror. When you have time to yourself practice talking. Our advice is to pick a topic, any topic and set yourself a timer for a minute or 2 and just talk. It can feel quite ridiculous at first, but this is a great way to get used to your voice and talking.


2.Have A Plan.

The ultimate way to feel confident is to plan ahead of time. Create a script or points to base your video on. You don’t need to recite this word for word, sometimes it can throw the rest of the video off if you forget or mess up part of it. Having a loose script can help you relax, it allows you to have the ideas there to talk about but give you the freedom to be natural and let the words flow. It’s all about finding out what works best for you.


3.Practice Makes A Difference.

This point speaks for itself. Practice with your script or in front of family or friends, have a conversation with them related to your video topic. Not only will you gain confidence with talking on camera but also on the topic you’re talking about. 


4.Record Yourself.

Have a go at recording yourself, like a practice run. It gives you the time and opportunity to see where your comfort levels are in front of the camera. It allows you to watch and learn your body language and facial expressions to see if anything can be improved.


5.It’s Ok To Mess Up.

You have to remember that even the most confident of people make mistakes. Don’t judge yourself harshly, keep your mind open and don’t let it affect your mood when things don’t go right the very first time. The beauty of video is you can record as many times as needed to get the winning shot, and anything else can be edited out!

It may take a few tries but like anything else, it takes practice. The more you do the better you’ll become. Take our tips onboard and give them a test, we guarantee it’ll jumpstart your confidence!