3 tips for hiring an event photographer

Blog 28/06/2021

Hiring the right photographer for your event is extremely crucial. Nobody wants to be stressed about putting an important event together and then be disappointed when your photos are less than what you’d hoped for. Here we’ve highlighted 3 main points to keep in mind when searching for the perfect photographer for your occasion.

1. Check their portfolio. Many photographers have their own style when it comes to shooting and editing. Checking their portfolio is the first thing you should, it also saves a whole bunch of time. You can gauge from their previous work whether or not their style suits what you are looking for.
2.What is their working style. Do they prefer to give direction or is their style more to stay in the background and take candid shots? Depending on the style of your event this is an important question to ask the photographer. Do they have a team or will it be one shooter? Alongside their working style you need to also think whether this photographer is relevant to your needs, do they have the appropriate experience or knowledge to be able to deliver what you want?
3.What is their turnaround time? If you have expectations that need to be met then discuss these with the photographer. Ask how long the time frame is between shooting and receiving your images, if you need fast delivery then be sure to work this out with photographers before committing.

Don’t settle for less, there’s a perfect photographer out there who can produce exactly what you’re looking for.