Blog 09/03/2021

5 Signs to Invest in Video

Video production is continuing to rise every year and with no signs of slowing down, here are our TOP 5 signs that you should invest in video.

1. Your Business Isn’t Understood

Now your product might not be overly complicated or you may have all the information out there already, yet you still find you have a confused audience. Video can be used as a tool to create confidence in your product and help to engage the users and allows them understand your business

Your products may be physical and need more explaining, so here you can benefit from engaging with tutorial type videos or a how-to video, which takes users through your products step by step and improves customer satisfaction.


2. Builiding Trust and Gaining Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is something that every business strives for, having video will increase trust in your brand and gain that loyalty and repeat custom. There are many different ways of producing a video to build trust, these can range from; intro videos on your website landing page. These give a first impression towards your company, a positive one at that.

Another few ways of increasing trust are welcome videos (similar to intro videos), educational videos and testimonials. All of these videos are great for customer confidence, which increases the value of your business and helps to grow your customer base and keep them loyal.


3. Running out of Time

Do you find yourself performing repetitive tasks? Or do you do a lot of training and run out of time for other business duties? This is where video can help you improve your user onboarding. Video can be used as more than just a customer facing tool. Here it can be used to create training videos for staff, which in the end are effective and time efficient for everyone. Another way of improving onboarding is by creating in house ‘company culture’ videos, which can be used to explain company policies or cover any interesting facts about your company. This video can also benefit as a recruitment tool.


4. You Don’t Have Much Interaction with Social Media

Social media is becoming a big part of everyday life now, so why not take advantage of that? By using social media as a platform for videos entices viewers to stop scrolling and engage with your post. They stand out compared to text posts, which may get likes however, videos encourage people to watch, enjoy and share. Once you have more videos on the go it leads people to back track and watch your other content. Investing in video production for social interaction can also lead to loyalty and trust, people love to subscribe and follow their favourites!


5. You Know You need it But Don’t Know Where to Start

You’ve started to notice everyone around you is using video production. You’re being told about it, you’re seeing it on social media, even your competitors are using video. You can’t deny you need video but your main concern is not knowing where to start. By outsourcing a video production team they can help put those worries to bed, they also have a fresh perspective to bring forward on how you can get the most out of your video.


Video is getting bigger and becoming extremely popular, so if you find yourself relating to the points above then this is the time to invest for the future!