5 video marketing statistics to keep top of mind for 2021

Blog 18/01/2021

I think we can all agree when we say that 2020 was a year full of turmoil and that feeling is still lingering now. Hopefully these emotions won’t be here to stay much longer. With what seems like a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the vaccination roll out, we can finally have some hope for a great year ahead!

Not all was bad for 2020, as we found some great statistics on video production. It definitely shows how it’s changed peoples perspectives throughout the year.

Out of 813 marketers asked here are the top 5 statistics taken in December 2020, based on video production during the pandemic:

  1. 40% of those marketers say that their plans for videos and content were halted due to the pandemic. From the moment of lockdown this was something that we feared would happen yet was inevitable. While a lot of video content was paused, we also were involved in a lot of at home production, which was great for everyone involved.
  2. 74% of those asked said they were more likely to use video due to the pandemic. With uncertainty throughout the year, video alongside social media was and still are the most used tools to showcase businesses and how they are operating.
  3. 68% say the pandemic has changed the amount of content they view online and how they view video. With a whopping amount of the majority saying their video viewing has increased! With not much else to do whilst being stuck at home social media and the likes of YouTube are now big in everyday life. A big portion of videos are found and watched on these platforms.
  4. 69% of non-video users now say that they expect to start using video production as a main marketing tool in 2021. We’ve all learnt something from this pandemic, more businesses are using video to gain amazing exposure for their company. Why wouldn’t you want to do the same!
  5. 91% of marketers believe video production is so much more important now due to the pandemic.

Now is the time more than ever to start thinking about how your business can grow and succeed in moving times. Having video hugely increases your chances of being seen, heard and understood. It’s a way that enables you to have direct engagement with people who search for your products/services, or to simply show how you’re moving forward into better times. 

What a better time than now to start thinking about what your business can gain from having video production in 2021!